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JJ Webdesign are here to guide you

 WE are experts in valuing what you already have and finding the 3 tops areas you focus on in your business.

We are the best at making your new  website simple for you, as well as making it easy for your clients to find what they are looking for on your new website.  

renovate my website

Maybe your website is old, maybe too slow, and doesn’t do what you want it to anymore, then a renovation is for you. You can keep all your information and the plug-ins you want and still use the existing website while it is being renovated. How does that sound to you?

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 If your website looks great but isn’t yet performing as well as you want it to, then this is the same process, as a renovation. We review all the design elements and content pieces that the business already has in place.  We will then know what your website needs for a good web presence. 

WEBSITE renovations


When you build a new website you are without a website for 4-6 weeks but when you are renovating or redesigning, you can keep the website functioning.


Most people don’t know what you now know about the difference between a  website redesign and a website renovation.  Hopefully finding out that you can keep on in your business while we focus our energy on improving your web presence has been a relief too. 

ONCE it is all mapped out and approved.
We can begin the RENOVATION.


JJ Webdesign knows how important SEO is for your web presence. When relaunching your website we are aware of your content and links and where they have been important in your current SEO.  To maintain any high visibility you already have we take SEO into consideration to maintain your strength on the internet.


  We all love to save time and money in our business, well you can with renovation. You already have a website so you already know what works for you or not. Time is saved because you already have most of your information ready. Money is saved because we have a simple formula that works and we stick to it.

NOW you have a better idea if a Website Renovation is the next step for Your business

You know already if it is time to bring your website into 2022, but now you know if you need a renovation or a redesign.  Your website is the face of your business online and this is one way to give your business a lift. Maybe your website can still last another year or two without the renovation and just needs a few tweaks here and there, by having upgrades and improvements with SEO in a redesign. 

Fortunately for you,  that is what JJ WEBDESIGNS are experts in so just call us and we can support you by assessing what you need.  You are never alone and we know the latest trends too so your website will be around for a while to come. 

It is our business to know the latest, simplest and greatest changes. We thrive in this industry and we want you to flourish in yours.

Our mission is to give a website that takes you forward into the future and reflects your business.