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So, what is SEO then? - it's “Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO means that all the pages on your website are built to get the best results when they match asociated words that are searched for on Google. It is important that these words are relevant to your business as you only wnat the customers who match what your offer to come to your website and stay. This process is called SEO and while it appears to be magical , it isn’t. Simply it is your future clients typing in a word into the search and Google matching these words to your website.   That is why SEO will become your best friend on the web along with the Search Engine Google.

local web designer Frankston and Mornington Peninsula
local web designer Frankston and Mornington Peninsula as well as Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula

Why Choose JJ Webdesign?


At JJ Webdesign, we understand Google and our team knows how to adjust when google updates and changes in its algorithms. When this happens we change everything for you as we know the better your SEO is on your website, the higher your website can rank in the search engines.

This is important to understand that the higher you rank in the search engine; the more people will find your listing on google. Which is known statiscally to show that the more visitors on your website then the more people will click through to your call to action. Finally, that can end in more sales. 

So, what is SEO then?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization.” This simply means when google is performing its searches, that your website is optimized to be one of the first that the google search engine brings up. More importantly that you are not overlooked. Google uses algorithms to search the web and its good SEO that works with these algorithms to give you the best expert results.

Google is the most intelligent site on the web in the present time. Subsequently it is full of all the possible information you can find on the planet. To add to that amazing feat it has now included artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a robot that is running 24/7 scanning the web to keep abreast of all of the lastest information which means when you have expert SEO the robots are finding your website everytime. 


The algorithms that Google uses to monitor the web are set to search all websites. In fact, they search your website all the time checking for relevance, authority, authenticity as well as collating the number of searches daily to your site. 


This is how you can rank in google on the front page. These algorithms regularly change and so as the SEO experts at JJ Web Design we always are keeping on top of these changes. What this means for you is that your website continues ranking in Google and growing to a high level whenever people are searching.

Latest Trends in Google

Keeping up with Google’s changes with adaptions to your SEO makes it continuously easy for people to find your business. This enables them to find your website that shows your incredible customer service, your expert content, which gives them an understanding of you and your business.  This leads to the number one reason for your site, to provide the information for any new customer to see if you are the right fit for their needs. 

Why is Google your friend?

Google is your next best friend in your business because Google is trying to provide the best results to match everyone’s searches. What Google wants is to give the searchers a really good experience so they come back.

Can you remember when the Search Engines on Google used to be terrible, and you had to be specific about your search, almost to the letter? Well, Google has continued to improve, econsequently we can now trust them every time to give very accurate results. Which is exciting for us  as it doesn’t depend on  no matter what we type in any longer. In conclusion this may help you to understand why we  at JJ Webdesign want your website to be a part of that google algorithm process every time.


We can’t guarantee that you will get your website to the top ranking of Google or that you will get the results that you want straight away. 

e can promise that as Google changes we will be on top of it and optimizing your website to match the latest trends. 

  • Your website pages have great SEO, so it is easy for the search engine to find, read and understand your site.
  • That your website is all about your topic and that you are an authority in Google.

  • The information on your website is easy to navigate and find.

  • Content is useful, relevant, as well as has your unique service.

  • Visitors have a good user experience on your website by having an easy-to-follow website.

  • Your content is relevant so your visitors stay on your website and can easily find your call to action

Monthly Reports on Your SEO

  • JJ webdesign Agency also send you monthly analyses graphs as well as and Google analytics reports.
  • What this show to you is the number of searches that have been made on google.
  • Which means three things for you to understand how your website is performing.
  • Firstly,  you will  know how many people are looking.
  • Secondly,  you will see where you are ranking on Google.
  • Thirdly you will immediatley see how you have improved.
  • It is then JJ Webdesign’s responsiblility to update, change with the lastest trends on Google.

  • Being abreast of Google Trends means you are in the forefront and leading in Google.

  • This means your business is where your clients can find it, see you and trust your website

We Understand SEO

  • The better your SEO is on your website, the higher your website can rank in the search engines.
  • The higher you rank in search engines; the more people will find your listing and click through to your website.
  • More website visitors equal more leads equals more sales.