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JJ WEBDESIGN is a family business. We believe that family brings you strength, direction as well as the ability to work together in a unique way. Not only do we bring different skills to the table, but we also bring that beautiful connection that you find within families.

Personalised Service

When you hire JJ Web Design you have the whole team with personalised service.  Our clients become part of our family and we go out of our way to make sure that your website meets every thing we promised. We get to know your product or services as well as your ideal clients like it is our own business. 

JJ Website builds you a website that is known as responsive, this simply means that it can be viewed easily at any time on any device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. No matter what device your future client is using you can be sure that our website design has made sure it is being viewed correctly.

Desktops, Laptop, Tablets and Mobile Phone
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Secure Websites with Free SSL

Your JJ Web Design build will always include SSL Certificate as a bonus. Yes, that’s right you don’t have to pay to have SSL on your website, we gift it to you. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. … putting this in your terms means that when you see a padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar, that means SSL protects the website you are visiting.


Security Padlock on Your Site

The padlock on your site means it is protecting your website. It is an industry-standard now rather than just best practice for your website which means that anyone who visits your site will always know it is safe and secure. SSL does this by protecting the data transmitted through your site. It also meets the requirement of the search engines that readily flag unsecured sites. We are sure you have had that page come up when performing a google search, that warns you the site you are about to open is unsecured and to not open it, well this will never happen on your website. That is why at JJ Web Designs we believe everyone of our clients deserve to have SSL installed on their site.

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JJ Webdesign TOP 5 STEPS

We have developed 5 easy steps to get your website up and running.

  1. We guide you in creating your domain name
  2. If you need one we can assist with creating a logo.
  3. The content you share has great SEO (search engine optimized) so the google search engine knows all about your business.
  4. We develop your website as we agreed in the contract.
  5. We provide you with the safety and security of a FREE SSL Certificate.

Your Content.

You can provide us your content or we can provide a service where we write your content for you. We have articles on what is important to share in your content as well as few tips. It’s important that you have quality content full of the SEO.  

Good Images.

Pictures are meant to say a thousand words, and so do photos. We all love a good photo and are attracted towards admiring the story they can tell.  The better the  imaginary the better the story it tells.

Maybe you can now  understand that an appropriate image that explains your business would be more than useful. You can provide all images or  we can provide you with good images based on your  theme. 

Menus and Links

It’s important that your website is easy to navigate with menus and links.  At JJ WEBDESIGN’s we provide you with a good clean straightforward website that is easy to navigate, has fantastic menus, links and the important images that say it all as well as written content.

Are you Authentic?

Google is also wanting to know that you are authentic so we do need to have a Contact Us and About Us pages. To provide we will need all your details and great site photos as well. We will also provide you with the privacy and terms and conditions to protect your site. This is for your safety as well as for Google to know that you are real. 

We Want to Know our Business.

JJ WEBDESIGN’s are the best in building  local  websites. They are experts in finding the core to your business. They like to keep all of your business ahead of the game with a fresh and easy to use website.

It is important for you clients to know what your product  or service is all about, so we keep it clear by having one topic per page. We focus on having one key point per page so we spend time with you getting to know your business. 

Google Want to Know Your Business too.

JJ WEBDESIGN’s knows that Google want to know your business as well so that it can match it in the search engine and start to rank your website,  which is why we focus on the simplicity of your product or service  and present it in a clear and precise way.