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Jen has a passion for business. She knows that small business is the backbone of our country. 

Jen has been in your own business for over 30 years and understands the need for a good website to represent the intricacies of your business.


30 Years of Experience

Love for Small Business

  • There are more than 2 million small businesses in Australia.  ATO views a small business as anyone who turns over anything under  4 2 million
  • 96% of all Australian businesses are small businesses.
  • Small businesses account for over $330 billion of Australia’s economic output.
  • Small businesses employ over 4.5 million people, which represents more than half the Australian workforce.

The Future of Business

Jen grew her Business to 6 figures purely based on word of mouth and how she follows up with her clients. Bring on 2020 and the way we do business totally changed everything. A new direction was required, not just a pivot to move into the future. 

Website in Your Asset

Jen brings her expertise in knowing a small business and what its customers need from a small business website. We all know how important the receptionist is to your business, the bright and cheerful voice of support and help. Well, now that is your website being not only your receptionist but much more. 

Website in Your Asset

At JJ Webdesign believes you will love the  30 years of experience that Jen brings to the business aspects of a website. Her ability to cater to your client’s need for your business via a website.   Jen is always inspired to do what it takes so that anyone who visits your website, just wants to stay and find out more about your business and what unique selling propositions.