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JJ Webdesign is a Family Affair..............

JJ WEBDESIGN is a family business. This is to say that family brings you strength and direction  connect the business.  Consequently family brings the ability to work together in a unique way.

Jen and Juz are the leading members of this team.  In addition they bring different skills to the table to create this business.  In conclusion it is easy to feel the beautiful connection that you find within families.

You become part of our Web design Family .......

JJ WEBDESIGN is here to bring your business directly to your clients, for instance via a website. Above all your website meant make your potential clients to feel connected with you straight away. That is to say they know immediately they don’t have to look any further as you are the one for them..

Therefore when you join us to design a new website,  redesign an existing one, or totally renovate your website, we will be right beside you. In addition we will also be leading the way with our expert skills.  Most importnatly we hope you consider joining the family with one of the generous maintenance packages we have for you too. 

Meet Our Family Team on the Mornington and Bellarine Penisula.

Jen and Juz are the founding members of the team at JJ Webdesign. With the challenges of change, 2020 brought the family members of Jen and Juz together. More importantly it happened in the most amazingly synergistic way. Moreover the connection wasn’t immediate, it actully took time and  many months to process if this is the new direction.  Finally the answer was yes from both of them.  Now you have the advantage of having website designers who  can provide you with the understanding of a website from both sides of the coinh


Jen has been in her own business for nearly 30 years.  Which means she  is very aware of the connection between clients and your business.  It is not surprising then that Jen knows how a website needs to represent your business effectively through SEO too..

Web designer Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula


Juz also has 30 years experience in all the graphical aspects behind a website. She is excited when she is transforming a design. Whether it be the way she makes them easy to navigate Or inviting to the eye. Finally the aim is for anyone who visits your website, to stop and stay.

Local Web designer Frankston and Mornington Peninsula and Mornington Peninsula
Finally, whether your business is a sole trader, company, or partnership we believe we can support you.I It is important to us that we bring a “family feeling of service” too. Subasequently, we believe service is meant to be the heart of the busbiness. .