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Qualified Experts in Web Design servicing the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, including Frankston and Geelong.  
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Website Design

We are qualified experts in web design. JJ Webdesign have developed a proven formula of 5 easy steps to get your website up and running. Our CEO's guide your business through these steps. Our expert team then focus on the SEO (search engine optimized) so google knows all about your business. We develop your website as we agreed in the contract and finally provide you with the safety and security of a FREE SSL Certificate.

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Website Renovation

Do you want to Renovate your current website to have a whole new look in 2022. It doesn’t matter how old your website is we can make that difference in bringing it up to date. Your website is the first point of call for your customers, as most people go online is now before they call. Your website is like a receptionist, it greets your customers, points them in the right direction, answers all of their questions with ease and certainty. They then feel confident to call.

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Website Maintenance

Keeping your website maintenance up to date is very important. Google has a habit of updating its algorithms regularly and this can make your site insecure. At JJ Web-Designs we are able to keep up with Google’s and Plugin changes. We are qualified to be experts in SEO AND UX optimization. That is why we do more than just update your site but we also adjust your SEO so that your clients and google have the latest information on your business for consistency..

What We Offer -

Affordable Websites that are Easy to Use & Navigate

Would it be OK to ask you a question? What is the first thing you do when you land on a website? Yes, that’s right you decide whether to stay or go within seconds. How do you make that choice? Well, would you agree that you scan to find out if there is anything that interests you or answers your question or maybe entices you to find out more? It is then and only then you will start looking around? If the website is easy to follow then you stay and read. Once you have enough information it creates the confidence to take the next step.

local web designer Frankston and Mornington Peninsula
local web designer Frankston and Mornington Peninsula as well as Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula

Who we are -

Family Owned and Run Webdesign Business

JJ WEBDESIGN is a family business.  Jen and Juz are the qualified experts in web design and they believe that family brings you strength, strong direction as well as the ability to work together in a unique way.  They are the leading members of this family business.  While Jen and Juz have had different careers over the last 30 years they now bring those different skills to the table for you and your business. They also bring the beautiful connection that you find within families and you can see this manifest in the creation of your business’s website.

Our Services

A Website that represents your business well

Your website has only 5 seconds to keep a customer on your website. There are only  3 things your customer wants to know straight away.  ONE- What do  you do? TWO – Where you are located?  THREE – How to they contact you? Your website needs to be assertive and effective so they can find their way around in one touch of a button – if your website does this,  then that means they will stay.  If they stay they will expect your website to be a is website is a reflection of  your business

SEO Search Engine Optimisation is so important

Google totally depends on you telling it what your business is all about. With this information then Google can match any search with your business. If you tell Google all about you, then it can quickly and easily match you. The better Google knows you too, then the higher you rank.  The higher your rank then the more matches your business receives.   We are experts in organic SEO rather than paid SEO as well as keeping up to date with what Google is looking for to create that match. 

Websites that save you time and energy and are affordable

We all want more time and energy, and that is exactly what a good website can do for your business.  It can talk your talk for you over and over again while you continue working.  It can filter the non-serious customers so you are not on the phone all day or night to people who are not a match to your business.  A good website can bring anyone sitting on the fence, off the fence to make that all-important call to engage your business.

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Our Team

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What Our Clients Say

The team were fast, efficient and great to work with. We had our solution completed within the timeframe and budget.  We are very happy with the results. 

I was so impressed by their professional and friendly approach, we’ll be contacting them for our next project.

If you are a Dentist and looking for an amazing site for an affordable price.  Here is an example of what we can do for you.

Latest Articles

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Your Website-Your Receptionist

Just like a receptionist, your website is the first impression of your business. It also greets the client with a calm guiding manner to ensure it is easy to navigate the website. All this to create confidence before they even pick up the phone. to make that call.

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SEO Seach Engine Optimisation

What does SEO mean? It is simple to understand but not necessarily easy to do. It means you tell google the key ideas to your business and google then matches your business website to the customer search. Google changes the rules to SEO all the time..

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What Makes You Different

Do you want to find out or do you know the answers to these questions? What makes your business different from every other business? What makes you stand out from the crowd? What is your unique difference and why is this important to your clients?